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I am a UX Designer and Researcher based in the Philippines who wants to help people have a great experience on their daily needs. I earned a degree in Biology major in Microbiology but with a heart of Technology and Design.

I came across the User Experience industry in late 2021. I have decided to transition my career to the field that I know I belong to, and I am eager to learn more and develop my career and improve my skills.

A UX community known as UX+ allowed me to attend and witnessed a first-ever UX Conference together with different professionals. Because of these experiences and opportunities, I became more inspired to pursue this career.

I’m always trying to grow and learn something new. Currently, I’m looking for new opportunities, and open for work or any side projects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! 🙂

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Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just a friendly hello. 🙂

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[quote author=”Kimberly L. Rodriguez”]Changing of career isn’t easy, but if you are well motivated to pursue your dreams and so your passion, then nothing is impossible.[/quote]